Tour guide

Vandcyklerne hos Kaj'ens It is possible to sail on the Odense Å throughout the year, see pictures from both summer and winter by clicking in the box to the right.

Half-day trip through Odense 3.2 km/b>
Duration approx. 2 hours.
- Start at Engen in the Fruens Bøge
- Sail past Odense Zoo, and get a glimpse of the animals
- You may eat packed lunch at the footballclub OB's playing fields
- Arrival at Munke Mose in the center of Odense

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Full-day tour 9.9 km
Duration approx. 4-6 hours.
- Start at Kratholm in Bellinge
- Sail to Odense Paper factory and take the canoes on wheels through the factory area
- Arrival at Engen in Fruens Bøge after approx. 1 1/2 - 2 hours
- Eat lunch in the open air on the meadow, or visit Carls Lund and try their omelettes, or eat at Jensen's Steakhouse right at Engen.
- Sail around. 1 1/2 - 2 hours to Munke Moses and finish the trip here

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Tour with overnight total 28.1 km
Duration 2 days.
- Start in Munke Moses, in the center of Odense
- Sail around. 4-6 hours in through Odense, and arrived at Vigelsø - 17.3 km
- There are all opportunities to experience nature at Vigelsø read more here (only in danish)
- Stay in tent, on the north of the island's there is a tenant space
- After spending the night at Vigelsø, sails past Klintebjerg and through Odense Channel 10.8 km
- End the tour in Odense Harbour

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